Biography (English)

Born in 1939  at Kemaliye. Graduated from Yıldız Technical University as Electrical Engineer (BS). Has earned Masters Degree at İstanbul University,  Faculty of Business Administration. Received Hamburg Wirtschaff Academie Honorary Diploma. Has Sworn Financial Consultant Certificate. Speaks German and English. Married and has two children.

Companies in which he has worked  as General Manager,  Chairman and Member of Board of Directors and Executive Director

  • Çanakkale Ceramic Factories Corp.
  • Kaleporselen Electrotechnic Ind. Corp.
  • Kalebodur Ceramic Ind. Corp.
  • Turkish Saudi Investment Holding Corp.
  • Turkish Sugar Factories Corp.
  • Bisan Bicycle Industry and Trade Group
  • Coşkun Engineering and Consulting Company
  • AC Coşkun İnvestment Industry and Trade Corp.

Positions at Professional and Non-Governmental Organizations

  • The President of Union of Chambers  of Commerce, Industry and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey  (TOBB)
  • Deputy Chairman of İstanbul Chamber of Industry (İSO)
  • Deputy Chairman of National Productivity Center (MPM)
  • Delegate of Turkish Standards Institute (TSE) and International Electrotechnic Commission (IEC)
  • Chairman of Turkish National Committee of International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)
  • Founding Chairman of  Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEİK)
  • Founding Deputy Chairman of  Yıldız Technical University Foundation
  • Chairman of Business World Foundation
  • Member of Board of Trustees of TOBB Economy and Technology University
  • Deputy General Director of  Aydınlar Ocağı
  • Founding Member of Unity Foundation (BİRLİK VAKFI) and Turkish Music Foundation
  • Member of Chamber  of Electric Engineers
  • Member of  Chamber of İstanbul Sworn Financial Consultants


Politic Life

  • 20, 21, and 22nd  terms  Deputy for İstanbul  of  Turkish Parliament (TBMM)
  • Chairman of National Defense Commission of Turkish Parliament
  • Member of Plan and Budget Commission  and Industry, Trade, Energy and Technology Commission of Turkish Parliament
  • Minister of Industry and Trade in 58th and 59th Government between the years 2002 and 2007

He has a book on Energy Problems of Turkey and Solutions (Turkey 2nd Economy Congress- SPO Publ. 1986), Research papers and articles published in  many newspapers and periodicals and  a Poetry book named as  “Yalın Ayak” of which some of the poems are composed. Honorary President  and Member of  High Advisory Board of TOBB,  Honorary Member of  the Assembly of İstanbul Chamber Industry , Assembly of Ankara Chamber of Trade and Assembly of Turkish Exporters.